About the Department of International Relations

Our team at the Department of International Relations offer you support from the first moment you become familiar with us until the last day you spend here with us. If you are a student, a scholar, or the family of those, coming to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, we will be there to help you adjust to your new life at our university and overcome challenges of living and studying/teaching abroad. We will help you with accommodation arrangements taking your personal preferences and expectations into consideration. Orientation meetings will be held on your arrival to give you necessary and practical information. We are dedicated to make your experience here as smooth, worthwhile and fun as possible. It will be our greatest pleasure to have contributed to your academic achievement, personal satisfaction and your understanding of Turkish life in general.


Our Staff:

Ms. Bedia TEKİN - Head of Department

+90 212 521 8100 / 4322



Mr. Enis Mansur ANAŞ - General Coordinator

International Cooperation & Partnerships Office

+90 212 521 8100 / 4309



Mrs. Vusala AGHAYEVA - Coordinator

International Programs Office

+90 212 521 8100 / 4087



Mr. Mutlu YAKIN - Specialist

International Programs Office

+90 212 521 8100 / 4211



Mr. Recep ŞEHİTOĞLU - Specialist

International Student Office

+90 212 521 81 00 / 4028-4210